U.S. Border Patrol at the El Paso – Cuidad Juarez border © Ernesto Castañeda.

Policy briefs written for the Scholars Strategy Network (SSN)

There is No Immigration Security Threat that Reform with an Earned Path to Citizenship Cannot Address.” Scholar Strategy Network Forum on the Immigration Impasse.” Editor Theda Skocpol. Harvard University: Cambridge, MA. August 2014.

Brief regarding the children border crisis. Why do the children come and what to do about it?


Border Fence, El Paso, Texas © Ernesto Castañeda.

Waiting for Real Reform: How Half-Way Measures Leave Immigrants in Limbo and Deprive America of Their Talents. SSN Basic Facts, April 2013 
What happens to immigrants who graduate from college but cannot work because they do not have the correct documents? What happens to immigrants who are over the cutoff date for deferred action (DACA)? What are some of the consequences of the decade-long backlogs for processing immigration applications?

Is the Southwestern Border Really Unsafe? Co-Authored with Josiah M. Heyman, SSN Basic Facts, April 2012

Is the border really unsafe? Border cities are some of the safest cities in the country. Immigrant neighborhoods are also among the safest. Contrary to media reports and stereotypes, border cities are not constantly overrun by immigrants. Many people still die in the dessert and this could change with more work visas. Read the report for more recommendations and reasons why a comprehensive immigration reform does not need to start by "securing the border."

Policy briefs with the Scholars Strategy Network on migration and homelessness.

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